Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Art Supplies for Kids

Got a budding Picasso at home? Check out our list of favorite art supplies to stock in your arts and crafts cupboard!

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Little M loves art projects – he enjoys painting, drawing, coloring and sculpting so we have slowly started building up a small collection of art supplies. Here are some of the essentials that we stock in our arts and crafts cupboard.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Paints: Oh, how we love to paint! You don’t really need an easel, although we just bought this Melissa and Doug one and I really love this easel from Community Playthings. The most important thing is to have some nice paints and paintbrushes – although if you use non-toxic paints then finger painting is an option too! We love Glob paints and Earth Paints. And we adore anything by Wee Can Too art supplies. We also recently tried out Clementine Paints and the colors are vibrant and fun.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Crayons and Pencils: Now, when it comes to toddlers and art, crayons are a must have in any art cupboard – or any diaper bag for that matter. I can’t even count how many times pulling some crayons and paper out of my bag has kept Little M entertained at restaurants. Our favorite crayons are these lovely wax crayons from Stockmar and these veggie crayons from Wee Can Too. Bonus: they are square shaped and won’t roll around, which is especially helpful when using them while traveling on an airplane! Check out these triangular pencils from P’kolino too!

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Glue: We use this non-toxic glue from Clementine Art. I am the first to admit that it may not be the strongest glue out there, but it is fine for toddler art projects. Best of all, I don’t have to worry when it gets all over Little M’s hands as he creates his latest masterpiece.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Chalk: We have a small chalkboard at home, and I must admit, sometimes I enjoy using it even more than Little M does! When we are out and about, and the urge to draw strikes, we use our new veggie sidewalk chalk from Wee Can Too. It’s really colorful and easy for little hands to hold, and best of all, contains all natural ingredients! If you are feeling especially creative, try making your own chalk at home with this DIY chalk project.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Play dough – There are many types of ready to use play dough, and while those are great, I can’t stress how quick and simple it is to make play dough at home. Try this easy recipe from minieco, which uses natural ingredients like turmeric, beets and blueberries to create beautiful colors.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Paper – Get big rolls of paper, coloring books and even books of doodles. We have construction paper at home too, in various sizes, which is perfect for homemade cards and art projects.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Scissors – Invest in a pair of toddler-safe scissors, which are great for developing fine motor skills.

Our Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Crafts supplies – Don’t forget to stock up on extras like stickers, googly eyes, pom poms, and colorful pipe cleaners. These little extras can really stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity.

Photos courtesy of Crayons and Croissants, Stockmar, Clementine Art, Wee Can Too, Minieco and Chronicle Books.

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