Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook

This new cookbook from the folks at Ella’s Kitchen (you may know them for their popular baby food pouches) is sure to inspire you, and your little ones, to get creative in the kitchen!

Ella's Kitchen: The Cookbook

Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook  is one of the few cookbooks that I have come across that truly gets kids involved in every step of the cooking process. This book provides over 100 recipes that adults and kids will enjoy, with simple ideas for allowing little ones to help out. The cookbook contains useful information like shopping lists, an overview of the weaning process and healthy snacks and meals for babies and kids. Best of all, the recipes are easy and delicious, like the Veggie-Tastic Samosas, Peas Please Veggie Risotto, Squashy Salmon Fish Cakes and Creamy Coconut Rice Pudding with Chunky Mango Sauce. Don’t miss the “Hurrah for the Weekend” section!

Ella's Kitchen: The Cookbook

I have never seen Little M so fascinated by a cookbook before! It probably helps that the book is filled with pictures of kids who are cooking, eating, and enjoying different foods. Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook is really interactive for little ones too, complete with color-in drawings and stickers.

Ella's Kitchen: The Cookbook

I cannot say enough good things about this cookbook. It exceeded my expectations and makes both me and Little M excited about getting in the kitchen and whipping up some new dishes! Can’t wait to try out these recipes at home? You’re in luck, Ella’s Kitchen has shared two of the recipes from the cookbook on their website: Ella’s Mum’s Easy Chicken Curry and Swirly Whirly Cheesecake.

Photos courtesy of Ella’s Kitchen.


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