Read Me a Story, Stella

Stella introduces her little brother Sam to the wonders of reading in Read Me a Story, Stella, written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.

Read Me a Story, Stella

In this beautiful picture book – the first new Stella book in four years – Stella guides Sam through his day while reading her books and slowly introducing him to the stories. Sam is busy gathering branches and when he asks Stella if her book can tell him how to build a doghouse, she answers “no, but I can help you.” Throughout their day, which includes picnics, gardening and staring at the clouds, Stella patiently talks to Sam about her books. At bedtime, Sam finally asks Stella to read him a story and they curl up on the bed and enjoy reading a book together.

Read Me a Story, Stella

Little M and I first came across the Stella and Sam series at our local Barnes & Noble bookstore where we discovered Stella, Star of the Sea. We loved it so much that we bought a copy for ourselves, and subsequently bought copies for several friends. There is something captivating about Stella, who is so full of life that her enthusiasm is almost contagious, and Sam, who is more cautious and curious. I love the way they approach the world, with two different perspectives but always together as siblings. Little M and I have become big fans of the Stella and Sam series and this latest book, complete with gorgeous illustrations, has absolutely lived up to our expectations!

Read Me a Story, Stella

After reading Read Me a Story, Stella, check out this Activity Sheet with questions and games about the book.

Photos courtesy of Marie-Louise Gay.

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