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Hi, I’m Puja! As a former travel and lifestyle writer, I knew my life would change a bit when I had a baby. These days, I spend far less time traveling to the farthest corners of the world chasing down a story and much more time giggling, playing, reading and exploring with my two children.

I started Crayons and Croissants in 2012 because I was doing so much research into finding the safest children’s products, most entertaining picture books (here are some of our favorites), non-toxic craft projects, interactive activities and healthy meals that I thought others might be able to benefit from my obsessive careful and detailed findings.

The kids and I continue to explore our world and discover new restaurants, hotels and travel destinations as well as find new products to help make our adventures more entertaining and interactive. Our absolute favorite thing to do though, is read. And I continue to share our favorite book finds with you in our Ultimate Book List.

PS: You might be wondering about the name Crayons and Croissants. As you will be able to tell pretty quickly, we love art projects in our household and we really love to eat as is evidenced by my many reviews of wonderful cookbooks with family-friendly recipes!

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I love hearing from readers and try to respond to each and every email! Please feel free to contact me anytime at crayonsandcroissants (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!


  1. Liz

    What a fun read 🙂 Little M is a lucky tot to have such an adventurous mama! Love that you’re showing and teaching him so much by getting him out in the world.

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