Eco-friendly Easter Ideas

It’s easy to know that Easter is almost here, supermarkets have started carrying chocolate eggs, easter baskets abound in gift shops and adorable pictures of bunnies and chicks are everywhere! Here are a few of our favorite non-toxic Easter crafts, toys and activities.


Who doesn’t love dyeing hard-boiled eggs for Easter? This Bon Appetit blog outlines a fabulous way to color eggs using natural ingredients like beet juice, hibiscus tea, and blueberries. Or simply use this Nature’s Magical Egg Dyeing Kit from Wee Can Too.

easterenvelopesMake these cute – and easy – paper envelope bunnies. Perfect for stuffing with treats or, in Little M’s case, with stickers or crayons.


This organic bunny teether from miYim Organics is perfect for baby’s first easter. Little M has a few of the miYim toys and loves them, they are soft, cuddly and great for teething.


I can’t wait to make this adorable bunny sandwich for Little M and I love the idea of adding a side of carrots and some healthy nuts and bunny snacks. I have a feeling he’ll be asking for this again!


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