Hervé Tullet’s The Game in the Dark and The Game of Red, Yellow and Blue

As some of you might remember, I wrote about Hervé Tullet’s game series here before. We recently read two more books in the series: The Game in the Dark and The Game of Red, Yellow and Blue. Tullet, who wrote the wonderful children’s book Press Here, has brought the same creative spirit and interactive play to these new books. 


In The Game in the Dark, children can orbit the moon and reach for the stars. Little M and I simply recharge the glow in the dark pages with a lamp and then turn off the lights for a magical journey before bedtime. We sometimes even use a flashlight to charge the pages as we read. It’s incredible to see the shapes and pictures light up on each page and definitely keeps us both engaged and involved. It helps that LIttle M is also fascinated with flashlights, he loves discovering the new shapes and images as we turn the pages.


In The Game of Red, Yellow and Blue, purple square, green circle and orange triangle are searching for their parents. Which ones will they be? Red, yellow or blue? In the case of purple square, “red and blue are the only parents for you!” Little M loves learning about his colors with this fun and vibrant board book. This would also be perfect to accompany an art project, allowing kids to put what they are reading into action by using paints to experiment and mix up new colors.



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