Tegu: Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks

Tegu’s eco-friendly magnetic blocks might just be the perfect travel toy for your little one.


As many of you already now, I write about travel a lot here. No matter how many frequent flyer miles you may have racked up back in your pre-baby days, traveling with a toddler brings a whole new set of challenges and experiences. Little M is a great traveler for the most part, but I still never leave home without many, many supplies – my husband will attest to that since he’s the one helping us lug everything around the airport! Snacks, books, crayons, treats, and special toys are important when traveling with a little one. After doing (a lot) of research into the perfect toys for long plane rides or even road trips, I came across these incredible eco-friendly magnetic wooden blocks from Tegu.


Little M is fascinated by blocks. Stacking them, knocking them down, stacking them again, you get the idea. The fact that these blocks are magnetic is a bonus, and the small sized Pocket Pouch Prism is perfect for traveling. They are compact and easy to carry, I even stow them in my diaper bag when we go to restaurants. The magnet is concealed inside the wooden blocks, which are solid and easy for toddler hands to hold and assemble. If you are looking for building blocks on a larger scale, the Explorer Set might be more your speed.


Tegu’s story is really quite inspiring. The blocks are made in a factory in Tegucigalpa, Honduras (hence the name Tegu) and are made from sustainably harvested hardwoods and with non-toxic paints. The company is committed to education (they have partnered with a local school), paying their employees a living wage, prioritizing long-term career growth and reforestation. Visit the donation page on their website to learn more about how you can donate to plant dozens of trees (starting as low as $5) or to send a child to school.



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