Curious George Tool Time

Curious George is at it again in this adorable book, Curious George Tool Time.


This has quickly become one of Little M’s favorite books. We know all about Curious George’s adventures and can’t wait to read what the mischievous monkey is up to now. In Curious George Tool Time, little ones are presented with their choice of a double sided hammer or wrench, which is attached to the book with a ribbon. Children are then offered the choice of which tool to use in order to help Curious George with various repairs. Little M and I have helped Curious George to garden, fix the broken wheel on his bicycle, build a birdhouse and unclog pipes.


He enjoys the book so much that I am thinking of getting him this great tool set from Green Toys. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile and I’m sure Little M would like tinkering around with it almost as much as he likes reading Curious George Tool Time. It’s the perfect book for your little monkeys.

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