Dinner: A Love Story

As you probably already know if you have been following this blog, we really enjoy teaching Little M about healthy foods and creating nutritious and fun family meals. I turn to  many sources for ideas, from bloggers to cookbooks to family recipes. But there are definitely times when I am in need of inspiration. I was so excited to discover Jenny Rosenstrach’s cooking website and book, Dinner: A Love Story, because they not only provided me with a number of new meal ideas (kale with avocado and pickled onions, anyone?), but also reminded me of why I enjoy cooking for, and more importantly with, my family.


Cooking is certainly a labor of love, at least it is in Jenny’s case. Dinner: A Love Story, which is part cookbook, part memoir and part dinner-diary is chock-full of tips for creating delicious dishes and finding the time to enjoy them together as a family. Jenny chronicles how she and her husband Andy have made it a point to regularly cook their family dinner. Now, this may not seem like an impressive feat, but factor in two working parents, two young children, busy schedules and long days and you better believe Jenny has more than a few lessons to share with us.


Jenny’s writing style is conversational and inspirational. I read through this book very quickly and then read it again to highlight the recipes I plan to try with my family. Although my husband and I may have to try out the cocktail recipes first! You can buy Dinner: A Love Story here and check out her website here. Don’t miss the What to Cook Tonight section, in which Jenny lists recipes based on your answer to the question “what kind of night it is” e.g. “the kind of night where work/soccer/train ran late and you need something fast” or “the kind of night where you have hardly anything in the pantry.”


All images are from the Dinner: A Love Story website.


  1. Liz

    Great book! Have read their Bon Appetit (does she write it with her husband?) column and enjoy her style very much. Especially intrigued by the mention of cocktail recipes. Good point about reminding us why we cook for our family as it’s so much more than a Chore. Appreciate you stopping by foodforfun to read about Andrew McCarthy’s banana bread hunt. Always good to see you 🙂

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