A Valentine’s Day Party

Although I have always enjoyed Valentine’s Day, this year has been extra special because I was able to share it with Little M. If you have little ones, you know that Valentine’s Day with a toddler is a wonderful experience. We decorated with hearts and flowers, did crafts with  glitter, play dough and cards and indulged in cookies and cupcakes – in short, we went all out!


I made these heart and envelope garlands and put them up on the wall to make our home more festive. Little M loved them, he was surrounded by so many hearts that he is now able to point one out every time he sees them!


We decorated these cute mailboxes and made and ‘mailed’ Valentine’s cards.


And we decorated Valentine’s crowns, although I think I might have enjoyed doing this even more than Little M did. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family! Check out my pinterest page for more ideas about how to celebrate with your little ones!


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