Magic Fruit Wands

If there is one thing I have learned about kids and food, it’s that presentation really counts. If you are having trouble getting your little one to eat fruit, or just want to give them a special treat, try making these Fruit Wands – or as Little M calls them, Magic Fruit Wands!

Fruit Wands

You can really make these with any fruit that you have on hand. We used cantaloupe, blueberries and of course, watermelon!

Fruit Wands

You can use any cookie cutters that you have at home. We couldn’t resist making watermelon stars but these cantaloupe flower shapes that we made using our stainless steel vegetable cutters were the big hit. They are easy for small hands to hold so Little M could really help with making the shapes (and eating the fruit).

Fruit Wands

Instead of using skewers, we used these long lollipop sticks – so much safer for young children! I would show you the final product, but they were devoured almost immediately after we made them! Oh well, we all know that’s a sure sign of a successful snack!

Fruit Wands

Additional fruit wand photos from Babble.

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