Go on a Sightseeing Scavenger Hunt with City Scratch-Off Maps

We recently discovered these City Scratch-Off Maps and now count them among our favorite travel guides. The maps are portable, colorful, interactive and very kid-friendly!


We used the New York map to explore our city and enjoyed every minute of examining the map, deciding which landmark to visit next, and then – scratching away to reveal the facts and activities nearby.


Little M loves discovering the pictures and text that are hidden below the scratch-off designs. we learned a lot of interesting facts about New York City and can’t wait to use the other guides on our travels.


These guides are fun for little ones who may not be able to follow along with more traditional guidebooks, but they are also fun for older kids (and adults, ahem) who enjoy a more interactive travel guide experience. Many other cities, including London, Paris and San Francisco are also available. We already started exploring the London map – just couldn’t resist!


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