“I Love You” Valentine Bookmarks

Little M and I decided to make Valentine Bookmarks this year to send to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. After all, who doesn’t love to use bookmarks, especially ones that look this adorable.

Valentine Bookmarks

First we started with some heavy cardstock paper, red of course!

Valentine Bookmarks

I used my new handy dandy paper cutter to cut the paper into a convenient bookmark size ( 2″ x 8″ strips).

Valentine Bookmarks

Then Little M helped me to punch holes into each bookmark for the ribbon we would be attaching later.

Valentine Bookmarks

We then enjoyed decorating the bookmarks to spell out “eye love u” with our favorite googly eyes, different colored hearts and stamps.

Valentine Bookmarks

Little M loved helping with the glue and the stamps. We used an ink pad as well as trays filled with paint so we had lots of fun colors and textures to play with.

Valentine Bookmarks

We topped them off with some beautiful ribbon and voila – the perfect “I Love You” Valentine surprise.

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