Buddha Board – Just Add Water

Buddha Boards are the perfect way to create art with a zen twist – just use water and the paintbrush to unleash your inner artist. Then watch your masterpiece fade away and start again, no cleanup required. Talk about a perfect creative surface for kids, especially for art on the go.

Buddha Board - Just Add Water

Master the art of letting go with these creative boards that go way beyond etch-a-sketch. Buddha Boards come complete with a beautiful clean slate, which can be placed on the included platform. Just add water and use the paintbrush to paint and draw to your heart’s content. When the water dries, the slate is wiped clean, giving you a new surface to decorate all over again.

Buddha Board - Just Add Water

We have used our Buddha Board a lot with Little M and he loves it! There’s something about setting up his own little easel and filling the reservoir with water that makes him a lot more excited than using crayons and paper. We have the original Buddha Board and the large sized slate gives us a lots of room to create and explore. Even though it’s a bit bulky, I still take it with us to restaurants whenever I can, because it pretty much guarantees that Little M will be occupied and happy while we wait for our food to arrive. Best of all, since water is used as paint, there’s no mess to worry about cleaning up at the table!
Buddha Board - Just Add Water

The mini and laptop sizes are definitely more portable, but we love the material and texture of the original Buddha Board. I would show you pictures of our masterpieces, but we are learning to master the art of letting go!

Buddha Board - Just Add Water

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