Foodstirs: Baking Projects for the Littlest Chefs

If you are looking for easy, fun and simple ways to get your little ones more involved in the kitchen then look no further – Foodstirs has you covered!  Foodstirs sends carefully curated boxes straight to your home, complete with ingredients and a recipe for a delicious baking project that you can make as a family.


We received the Brownie Popsicle Kit and Little M’s eyes lit up when he realized we would be making (and then devouring) brownies covered with glaze and sprinkles that look like…popsicles!


Foodstirs is perfect for parents who want to get their kids into the kitchen, but don’t have time to hunt for kid-friendly recipes and gather ingredients ahead of time. The boxes come complete with recipe cards that are easy for little ones to follow and projects that are sure to appeal to the young – and young at heart!


I love how easy it is to create a fun afternoon family baking project with Foodstirs, and I especially appreciate that the ingredients are GMO-free, and don’t contain artificial preservatives, colors or flavors!


Check out their Valentine Cookie Kit – perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day that you want to fill with a little sweetness and love.

Photos via Foodstirs

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