Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Be prepared for the next rainy day with our picks for children’s rain gear that is PVC, Phthalate and BPA free.


Many popular brands of children’s vinyl rain gear contain toxic chemicals, but don’t despair. We’ve got you covered with our guide to non-toxic rain gear – perfect for keeping your little ones dry (and adorable) in the rain!


iPlay and Hatley both have cute and colorful umbrellas that are free from toxic chemicals (and they are super stylish to boot)!


Rain Boots
Don’t forget to protect those little feet from the rain – and make it easier to jump in puddles of course. We love Hatley rain boots, they are made from natural rubber, as are the rain boots from iPlay. We have heard wonderful things about Stonz all natural rubber rain boots and Hunter makes natural rubber rain boots too.



Once again, Hatley tops the list of our favorite rain gear brands. Both Little M and Baby M have Hatley raincoats, which keep them warm and dry. The polar bear pattern is Little M’s favorite, while Baby M is partial to cars and trucks and things that go! LL Bean and iPlay both have PVC-free raincoats in a range of patterns and colors.


And if you are looking to snuggle up indoors and read about the rain, check out our favorite book about a rainy day.

Photos courtesy of Hatley, Stonz and Mulpix.

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