A Rainy Day in the City

Rain rain go away, come again another day… Enjoy the rain with this beautiful new picture book.


In Rain (by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Christian Robinson) we see how differently a child and an adult experience a rainy day in the city. The little boy in the book exclaims “Rain!” while a grumpy man complains “Rain!”
Rain2The boy dons his green frog hat and rain gear and ventures out with his mother to splash in puddles, while the man grumbles as he makes his way down the street. Their paths cross at the Rain and Shine Cafe, where the little boy enjoys cookies and cocoa. Can the boy’s “hoppy” mood – and perhaps a cookie – cheer up the grouchy man? Grab your umbrella (and some cocoa) and cuddle up with your little one to read this book and find out.
PS: If you are looking for suggestions for non-toxic, PVC free rain gear (like the Hatley raincoat below), check out this article by SafeMama.
Photos by Christian Robinson and Hatley.


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