the best subscription boxes for kids

My kids love getting mail. And when that mail includes one of these cool gift boxes, it pretty much makes their day! If you are looking for a unique gift for a special kiddo, consider one of these subscription boxes and imagine how their faces will light up when their gift arrives in the mail.

Little Passports on Crayons and Croissants

Little Passports
Get ready for an exciting adventure in a box delivered right to your door every month. Little Passports monthly subscription program is perfect for the little globetrotter in your family! We have written about these boxes before, we love how they encourage children to develop an appreciation for other cultures, countries and languages.


For kids who like to tinker, create and build (so, basically, all kids), Kiwicrate has it all. The monthly boxes are ideal for crafty kids and include everything you need to complete the projects. Previous themes have included Arcade, Fun With Flight and Glowing Animals. Kiwicrate has now expanded their boxes and they now offer options for newborns (Cricket Crate) all the way up to teenagers (Tinker Crate).

Little Pnuts

Little Pnuts
As you may know, we are all about about eco-friendly, high quality toys here, but it can be very hard to find gift subscriptions companies that offer that same level of thorough vetting when it comes to their products. Little Pnuts is the best gift subscription service we have found for gorgeous, non-toxic and beautiful toys, made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We just love these boxes.


If you are looking for easy, fun and simple ways to get your little ones more involved in the kitchen then look no further – Foodstirs has you covered!  Foodstirs sends carefully curated boxes straight to your home, complete with (organic and natural) ingredients and a recipe for a delicious baking project that you can make as a family.


Green Kid Crafts
We are big fans of Green Kid Crafts boxes! Little M is an avid recycler and he loves that these boxes come stocked with creative and STEM projects as well as eco-friendly materials. Individual Discovery boxes are also available to purchase, with themes including Rainforest Science, Dinosaurs and Green Energy,

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