Travel Guidebooks for Kids

We enjoy using kid-friendly travel guides when we are on the road. The kids love to help us read maps, sketch out itineraries and plan our meals. Here are some of our favorite travel guides.


City Scratch Off Travel Maps are portable, colorful, interactive and extremely easy for children to use. Simply scratch off the sights as you go! Available for New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Zig Zag Travel Guides for the Little Jet Setters

Zig Zag Travel Guides are ideal for young children! The layout is simple and the illustrations are beautiful. The guide consists of a deck of cards, a map and a couple of postcards. We love spreading them out and mapping out our adventures. Available for London, San Francisco, New York City, Rome, Paris and London.


Fodor’s Around the City with Kids Series. These guidebooks from the Fodor’s team are geared specifically towards families and offer a comprehensive overview of activities, restaurants and even games for children. Available for many cities, including Paris, London, Chicago, Philadelphia and Montreal.


FlyingKids’ Travel Guides are interactive, easy to use and perfect for children who are ready to be more involved in planning family travels. The guides include activities, games and interesting facts about the destinations. Best of all, children can use the guide a as a travel journal to write (or draw) about the sights, sounds and experiences. Available for many destinations, including San Diego, Thailand, Italy and France.


Stickyscapes may not be your typical guidebooks, but they sure are fun! Each book includes stickers of famous landmarks, sights and buildings. Kids can create their own imaginary cities and learn while they play. Available for London, Paris, New York as well as Polar, Tropical and Space!



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