Little Pnuts

Looking for an amazing gift box subscription for your kids? Little Pnuts offers eco-friendly, high quality, gorgeous toys from some of our favorite brands delivered straight to your door – perfect for your own little pnut!

Little Pnuts

We love the idea of subscription gift boxes, but have always struggled with finding ones with the right products. Who wants to pay a lot of money and get toys made of harmful plastics or cheap materials? Well, Little Pnuts has the answer to all of that. Featuring only eco-friendly, all natural and non-battery operated toys, the boxes come filled with age appropriate themed items every quarter. We love, love, love that they use some of our favorite brands like Plan Toys, Hape, Green Toys, Tegu, Miyim and Wonderworld.

Little Pnuts

It is such a pleasure to be able to open the boxes and find brands that I feel good about giving to Little M. Not just that, the toys that are included are fabulous! We received the September “back to school” box and Little M was so excited to dive right into all the toys! (Well, if we are being honest here, I was pretty excited too).


He was thrilled with the Plan Toys Tie Up Shoe and loved the Haba Smart Fellow Pegging Game and All Your Animals card game. He has been playing with them constantly, and they are entertaining, educational, colorful and toddler friendly. Little Pnuts founder, Melissa, puts a lot of thought and care into choosing just the right toys and is especially focused on beautiful toys that engage children’s senses while providing a sense of accomplishment. She prefers toys that are organic, sustainable and handmade – and I couldn’t agree with her more!


Little Pnuts offers all natural, great quality and entertaining toys that are curated especially for your child’s age and interest and delivered straight to your door four times a year. What more could a parent ask for? I know what our new go-to gift for birthdays and baby showers is going to be from now on!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I have a card game to get back to…


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