The Super Book for Superheroes

Got a little superhero at home? Then don’t miss this new Super Book for Superheroes by Jason Ford.

The Super Book for Super Heroes

The Super Book for Superheroes is much more than just a drawing book. It’s filled with imaginative activities, drawing ideas and coloring pages, all with a superhero twist. Mini superheroes will love to create their own crusaders and then do battle with super villains in order to save the world!
The Super Book for Super Heroes
Little M and I love exploring this book, we have colored super cars and bikes, decorated masks, discussed super gadgets and created our superhero sidekicks!
The Super Book for Super Heroes
This book is great for kids of all ages. Little ones will love the striking pictures and coloring pages, older kids will spend hours happily learning about superheroes and creating their  gadgets and outfits. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy sending secret messages, unscrambling codes and pretending to have super powers like invisibility, super strength, flight and X-ray vision, do you?
The Super Book for Super Heroes
This would also make a great book to take along on your next plane ride or road trip, or even to a restaurant. Now we just need to find our mask and cape and we will be all set! Does your little one have a favorite superhero?
The Super Book for Super Heroes
Images courtesy of Laurence King.


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