Have an Eek-O Friendly Halloween

We put together a guide last year with our picks for a green, healthy “eek-o” friendly Halloween and we have compiled some of our favorites again this year!

Have an Eek-O Friendly Halloween

Paint the town – and the kids’ faces – red (and blue and yellow) with these new, natural, non-toxic cosmetics from The Veggie Kidz. We love that these products don’t contain harsh chemicals or toxins and that they are completely up-front about the ingredients. The cosmetics are made of high quality butters, oils and pigments, don’t stain skin and are the perfect finishing touch for halloween costumes – or even for kids to use on their own! The colors feature fun names like Evan Eggplant, Bianca Beet and Savannah Squash.

Have an Eek-O Friendly Halloween

Celebrating Halloween usually means giving, and getting, lots of candy. Make healthy choices and avoid candy with artificial colors, preservatives, GMOs and trans fats. There are many options now that are GMO free and all natural. Our favorite is still Yum Earth (their lollipops are delish and a lifesaver on airplane trips), but UnReal Candy, Surf Sweets and Annie’s Fruit Snacks are great choices too.

Have an Eek-O Friendly Halloween

Why buy a mask for Halloween when you can make your own with this easy DIY project from Inhabitots?

Have an Eek-O Friendly Halloween

Throw a Halloween party with kid-friendly, creative and healthy treats like these little ghost cookies (made with a tulip cookie cutter), pumpkin pie pop tarts, owl sandwiches and spider pizza! This Halloween menu is guaranteed to make your party the talk of the playground.

Have an Eek-O Friendly Halloween

And don’t forget to check out some of our favorite new Halloween books for a (not so) spooky bedtime story!

Photos courtesy of The Veggie Kidz, UnReal Candy, Inhabitots, Make Me Cake Me, Weelicious, Bentorrific and Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.


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