Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween Reads

Get your kids into the Halloween spirit with these spooky, funny and adorable picture books! Little M and I are reading these now that it is October and Halloween is (finally) right around the corner!

Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween Reads

Ollie’s Halloween by Olivier Dunrea
See how Gossie&Friends celebrate halloween in this adorable book filled with hooting, howling, creeping, and prowling goslings. Gossie is a wizard, Gertie is a chicken, Peedi is a dragon, Booboo is a bunny and Ollie, well Ollie is a mummy who would rather share than scare.

Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween Reads
Five Little Monkeys Trick-or-Treat by Eileen Christelow
The Five Little Monkeys are at it again! In this new picture book, the monkeys dress in their costumes – banana, alien, ghost, goblin and princess – to go trick-or-treating with their babysitter, Lulu. But when they decide to switch costumes with other little ones along the way, Mama and Lulu decide to play a little trick of their own. The book ends with recipes for spooky Halloween treats. After all, who doesn’t love Eyeball Cookies and Worm Juice?
Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween Reads

A Very Witchy Spelling Bee
written by George Shannon and illustrated by Mark Fearing.
Cordelia the witch loves to spell – and double spell – turning her C-A-T into a new C-O-A-T by zapping it with the letter O. We adore this cute little witch who loves to spell when she speaks – and who is determined to win the Witches’ Double Spelling Bee. Will she W-I-N agains thirteen-time champion, and fiendish witch, Beulah Divine (age two hundred and three)?
Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween Reads

In the Haunted House
written by Eve Bunting  and illustrated by Susan Meddaugh.
We join a little girl and her father as they tour a dark haunted house in this mysterious touch-and-feel book. Lift the flaps to find glittery ghosts, smooth bats, vampires, mummies and many other surprise. Bunting’s Scary, Scary Halloween is another ghoulish favorite.

Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween Reads

Hallowilloween by Calef Brown
Perfect for young readers, this book of poems and paintings is both spooky and silly. We meet a motley cast of characters, including Jack the werewolf, who “is a rare wolf, a covered in hair wolf” as well as the Vumpire, Duncan the shrunken head and a Mummy Unhappy. Little M loves the vibrant and whimsical pictures in this “nefariously silly” book.
Put the BOO in Books With These Halloween ReadsLittle Ghost Party by Jacques Duquennoy
You are invited to Little Ghost’s dance party in this delightful new book. Each page has a simple illustration of various party guests with strategically placed chains attached, which makes this one of the most interactive books we have come across in awhile. Children (and adults) can shake, spin, twirl and wiggle the chains to recreate dance moves and illustrations! Little M loves this book and best of all, he is developing motor skills, learning directions and exploring his creativity while having fun!

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