Homemade Versions of Kids’ Favorite Snacks

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

Whether your kids love goldfish crackers, pop tarts, fig newtons, oreos or fruit roll ups, chances are you are paying (a lot) for questionable ingredients every time you pick up these snacks in the grocery store. Fear not, we have tracked down easy (I promise) and delicious recipes so that you can whip up these snacks at home. The little effort that is required to make these treats is worth it. Not only will you save some dough but you can also enlist your little ones’ help with making these – trust me, they will love being part of the action and will most likely enjoy the snacks even more as a result!

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

These whole wheat goldfish crackers from Smitten Kitchen (we love her recipes!) are easy, easy, easy to make! You need just five ingredients to make them and it is so fun to get kids involved with cutting out the shapes. We made these and Little M loved helping with sprinkling flour, using the cookie cutters and eating the crackers up afterwards!

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

Although you might think that it would be difficult to recreate chewy and moist fig newtons at home, nothing could be further from the truth! Try this recipe for homemade Fig Newtons, from Weelicious (check out her cookbooks) – you can even experiment with other fillings, like berries or apricots.

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

Little M and I took one look at the pictures of these pop tarts from  Peas and Thank You and decided to make them for our next weekend breakfast! I have seen other recipes for Pop Tarts and as much as I want to make them, after reading all the steps involved I can’t help but wonder if they will be worth the effort. These pop tarts, however, look amazing and seem like they would be so simple to make! Be sure to check out the Peas and Thank You cookbook too, we have it and love the recipes – so easy and family-friendly.

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

Psst, also check out these adorable pumpkin pie pop tarts made by Recipe Girl using a recipe from Weelicious Lunches!

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

Try Fifteen Spatulas‘ homemade recipe for fruit rollups – made with only three ingredients (really) – and see how easy it is to make this tasty treat at home!

Homemade Versions of Favorite Kid Snacks

And finally, here is an incredible Oreo cookie recipe from Smitten Kitchen (see, I told you we love her recipes). This one does have a few more steps than the others, but come on, isn’t it worth it for homemade Oreo cookies? Best of all, in our opinion anyway, is that you can replace the filling with ice cream for the perfect special occasion treat!

Photos courtesy of Smitten Kitchen, Weelicious, Recipe GirlPeas and Thank You and Fifteen Spatulas.


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