DIY Painted Tea Towels

Check out our simple tutorial for DIY Painted Tea Towels using Fabric Spray Paint.


Today is Teacher Appreciation Day and Little M wanted to make something special for his teachers. We brainstormed and took a walk through Michaels (of course) for inspiration. We came across some great flour sack tea towels and decided to decorate them with fabric spray paint. This was our first time using spray paint on fabric, but it was so easy and really fun to use!

Here’s what you will need:

Flour Sack Tea Towels
Fabric Spray Paint
Cardboard or a Large Tray
Paper for cutting shapes 

Step one – Wash and dry the tea towel (per fabric paint instructions. Then find a flat surface and spread out your cloth. You definitely want to put a tray or cardboard underneath because the paint may bleed through the fabric.


Step two – we decided to create shapes by using hearts that we cut out of paper as well as large sequin shapes. Use your imagination, you can spell out names or create interesting patterns. Of course, you can also just use the paint and let the splatter be the design!


Step three – Little M placed the shapes on the tea cloth and then the real fun began. Spray, spray, spray the paint! It’s nice to have a lot of colors, he used every single one.


Step four – Let your tea towel dry (we left ours overnight). Then wash and dry again and enjoy! We wrapped ours with colorful twine and Little M took them to school with a huge smile.

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