Stirring Up Fun with Food

Get creative in the kitchen with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new cookbook, Stirring Up Fun with Food.


Most people may know Gellar as Buffy, but the former vampire slayer has now turned her attention to something more appetizing. She and her co-author, Gia Russo, have created a book filled with wonderful recipes that adults and kids will enjoy.


While the recipes all have a kid-friendly aspect, the authors’ goal after all is to make food more fun for kids, the meals are still healthy and appealing to grown up palates as well. The sections are organized by month and then by celebrations and holidays.


Best of all, kids will love flipping through the book just as much as adults (mine definitely did) and selecting all the recipes they want to make. Our favorites are the Coconut Chicken Fingers, Mummy Dogs and Grilled Cheese Silk Ties (perfect for Father’s Day).


Oh, and there is a Star Wars Day section as well! Yup, they have thought of everything.


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