EEK-o friendly Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and we are counting down the days until October 31st. Little M has his costume all picked out. He will be an adorable – I mean very scary – skeleton! We can’t wait for all the trick-or-treaters to come to our door in their costumes. Little M and I have done some research to come up with a list of safe, stylish and spooky picks to help you have a happy and eco-conscious Halloween.

Play Dress Up
Looking for sustainable, adorable and comfortable Halloween costumes? These whimsical Halloween accessories from Oeuf are sure to stand out. Take a look at their website and I guarantee the hardest part will be choosing just one item. My favorite is the reversible animal hoodie (pictured below) because I think Little M can use it way beyond Halloween. I also love the mask and tail sets, and the cat hat, which doubles as a mask!

Psst, also check out Oeuf’s witty solution for showing off your manicure while still keeping your fingers warm with these gloves (pictured below). It is available in adults and kids sizes, so you can finally give in to your little one’s requests for a manicure!

Makeup Your Mind
Does the thought of the toxic ingredients in most kids face paint give you a fright? Try the non-toxic face paints from Luna Organics, which are made with natural, hypoallergenic materials. Or make your own natural face paint at home! The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a free DIY guide available here.

Yummy Mummy
One of my biggest dilemmas is deciding what to hand out to trick-or-treaters when they come to our door, which is why I was so happy when I found YumEarth’s all-natural and organic lollipops and gummy bears. The treats and sweets are full of the good stuff (all-natural ingredients and real fruit juice) and contain none of the bad stuff (no artificial colors or flavors here)! Most importantly, they taste delicious – I tried them myself, for the sake of research of course. I love the Pomegranate Pucker and Strawberry Smash flavors!
Lights Out
Halloween is the perfect time to tell scary (or not so scary) stories. Make your tales come to life with the help of these DIY shadow puppets from Minieco, one of my favorite craft blogs. Check out the link for free templates. Little M can’t wait to help out by holding the flashlight during story time.

Ghostly Treats
This recipe for ghostly milk shooters (pictured below) is such a great Halloween treat because they are cute, delicious and so easy to make! I can’t wait to do this for Little M, I just know he will gulp it down and ask for seconds. What a good way for your little ghouls and goblins to drink their milk and still feel like they are getting a Halloween surprise!
In the bag
I love the idea of making a customized trick or treat bag for Little M, but had a hard time finding a project that was simple, unique and creative until I came across Rachel Low’s website. Rachel, of the gorgeous sewing and needlework blog and store Pins and Needles, has great ideas for creating a Halloween trick or treat bag perfect for hauling home all that candy. Project Nursery recently featured her DIY Halloween onesie project, and she has shared a special tip with Crayons and Croissants readers: the steps she outlined for decorating the onesies and the (free) templates would work just as well if used for blank canvas tote bags! You can find the project and templates on Project Nursery’s website here.


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