Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters

One look at the cover of Smita Srivastava’s Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters will inspire you to take a closer look (yup, the crab’s eyes are made of cucumbers, radishes and olives)!

Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters

Whether or not your little one is a fussy eater, this book is filled with inventive, delicious and adorable recipes. Smita was worried about her daughter’s meals, so she came up with these creative ideas to make mealtime more fun for her own fussy little eater. The end results are so eye catching that they appeal to both kids and adults. Little M loves looking through this book with me and pointing to recipes he would like to try, like the Friendly Lion and this Nosy Fox.

Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters

The ideas and recipes in this book are both creative and simple. The meals are incredibly visually appealing, yet still feature healthy ingredients like fruit, veggies, cheese and eggs. Smita’s food designs proved to be such a hit, that they led to her popular blog, Little Food Junction.

Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters

Can’t wait to try your hand at creating a creative meal at home? Try this Edible Rangoli pattern from Little Food Junction.

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