The Bear Report

We were so excited to read The Bear Report recently, it is the newest book from one of our favorite authors.


We love Thyra Heder‘s book FraidyZoo and when we couldn’t wait to investigate her newest book. Little M and I have read this book over and over again. It’s an exceptionally sweet story about a little girl named Sophie who does not want to research polar bears for her school project. She writes a few lines about bears (they’re big, they eat things, they’re mean) and turns to the television.


And then a polar bear named Olafur appears and whisks her away to the Arctic where she discovers all about polar bears, whales and the northern lights.


Little M adores Olafur so much, that he imagines he has his own bear named Olafur helping him to discover the world. This is a lovely book and a perfect choice for getting into the spirit of Earth Day!


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