DIY Electro Dough Kit

Little M and I recently got our hands on a DIY Electro Dough Kit from the company Technology Will Save Us and it kept us busy for hours!


If you have a budding inventor at home, chances are Technology Will Save Us has a Kit that will suit any mood. The company creates electronics kits that allow to really build and create in a hands on way. The products range from DIY electro dough, building a portable speaker and even a DIY gamer kit.


The Electro Dough Kit comes complete with almost everything you need, just add dough (play-doh or make your own) and batteries. Then the fun begins, kids can make their own shapes and sculptures with the play dough and use LED lights, buzzers and circuits to bring them to life. There are even directions along with a cute youtube video to create your own game of Operation!


We enjoyed playing with this so much, that we have our eye on their DIY Thirsty Plant Kit next – we can’t wait to build our own solar-powered moisture sensor for plants.


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