Dream a little dream with aden + anais

Snuggle up to a warm and cozy winter with aden + anais dream blankets.

We are finally starting to notice a change in the weather here in Santa Monica. There is a slight chill in the air and people are bundling up in sweaters and scarves. Little M and I enjoy taking our walks in the crisp cool mornings and he is often cozy in his sweater, jacket and hat. But for the days when it is really cold outside, we always take along our favorite aden + anais dream blanket.

I have written about aden + anais here before. We love their products; I don’t know what we would have done without their muslin swaddles when Little M was a newborn and we still use them regularly. The dream blankets, though, are now one of our new favorites. They are made of four layers of 100 percent cotton muslin and are so luxuriously soft and comfortable. Like the swaddles, the blankets come in a variety of patterns and we love the cute animal designs like the giraffes, monkeys and elephants – although the monster mash (pictured below) is pretty adorable too. The blankets are perfect for long outings in the stroller or cuddling in the crib (for older kids). Little M loves to burrow into the blanket and peer out while we walk around our neighborhood – and if he happens to fall asleep in the cozy cocoon in his stroller, well, that’s just an added bonus!


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