Backseat A-B-See: An alphabet book hits the road

If you’ve got a little one who is obsessed with cars, trucks, and things that go vroom, then you will want to check out  Backseat A-B-See by Maria van Lieshout. This clever picture book is sure to keep kids of all ages occupied, whether it is during a drive to the grocery store, through town, or even cross-country.

The colorful book opens with a wide-eyed young child peering out of the back seat of a car. The pictures are bright and appealing, sure to hold any kid’s interest while taking them on a ride through the alphabet.

A is for airport, F is for Fire Station (Little M’s favorite), L is for Library, but what about Q? Why, Q is for Quack of course. Duck crossing straight ahead!

Also, since I know many of you will be spending a lot of time on the road this holiday season, I found this great article with car games for the family. ‘I Spy’ is included of course, and would be so much fun to play with the help of Backseat A-B-See. My other favorite game is ‘Road Trip Scavenger Hunt’ and I love that there is a toddler-friendly version provided as well. We are going to try these out on our next road trip with Little M!

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