New Story Time Reads

Love to read with your little ones but do you sometimes feel like you are reading the same books over and over again? Update your home library with these new books – they have quickly become favorites in our house.

New Story Time Reads

In Lovey Bunny by Kristine A. Lombardi, we follow a cute little bunny as she goes happily about her day. She loves everything and everyone, but her curiosity gets the best of her when she ruins her mama rabbit’s new dress. We love to giggle along when we read about her ‘solution’ for fixing the dress. A cute and creative book for kids young and old.

New Story Time Reads

Oh, how we love this smart new book by Janik Coat, the author of Hippopposites. The adorable rhino and the beautiful illustrations in Rhymoceros make this book a pleasure to read over and over again

New Story Time Reads

Little M enjoys guessing the rhyming words (sad and glad, old and gold) and I love watching him learn how to rhyme. Our favorite pair of rhyming words and pictures, though, has got to be stinky and inky!

New Story Time Reads

Poetry-loving parents will love Lee Bennett Hopkins’ first collection of poems created specifically for babies and toddlers. In Lullaby and Kisses Sweet, we find beautiful poems that are sure to appeal to the littlest readers. The book is divided into five sections – Family, Food, “Firsts,” Playtime, and Bedtime – and each features poems by well-known children’s writers.

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