Leon Family and Friends Cookbook

Leon Family and Friends Cookbook comes to us from the UK healthy fast-food chain Leon. The book is filled with healthy and simple recipes for everything from family meals and birthday celebrations to hosting cocktail parties and elegant dinners. 

Leon Family and Friends Cookbook

We love pretty much everything about this book. The pictures are beautiful, the recipes are appealing and simple, the meals are kid-friendly and there are lots of tips for getting your little ones involved in the kitchen.

Leon Family and Friends Cookbook

Little M loves looking through the book, it helps that there are so many pictures of children cooking, stirring, tasting and slurping. His favorite page is aptly entitled “slurp” and features a little girl using three straws to drink from three different smoothie glasses at once! The watermelon slurpie is his fave, but the date shake is a close second.


Other family favorites include the pesto chicken, honey and rose baklava and – best of all – the entire pizza and pasta making class section, especially since the recipes are tailored especially for kids with simple instructions and ingredients. The book is divided into three sections, Today (breakfast, brunch, weekday dinners), Tomorrow (weekend meals, birthdays, food on the move) and Yesterday (favorite family food memories). There really is something for everyone. While there are a lot of British influences, you will also find recipes from Thailand, India and Japan.

Leon Family and Friends Cookbook

We highly recommend this book. And once you have bought it, read it and fallen in love with it, be sure to check out Leon Naturally Fast Food as well! Here are some recipes from the first Leon cookbook if you just can’t wait.



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