Childproofing on the Go with Travel-Tot

Travel-Tot‘s genius all-in-one childproofing kit is perfect for taking the stress out of your next family vacation.

Childproofing on the Go with Travel-Tot

Anyone with small children knows how much there is to worry about when traveling. What to pack, where to stay, what to do, the list goes on and on. Travel-Tot gives parents one less thing to worry about with its portable childproofing kit. Travel-Tot comes complete with a range of temporary safety items including finger pinch guards, electrical outlet plug covers, foam corner guards, door knob cover, cord wind-up, sliding door lock, cabinet lock, multi-purpose straps, water thermometer, bandages, forehead thermometer, and a “shhhh, Travel-Tot sleeping” door hanger.

Childproofing on the Go with Travel-Tot

My only regret is that I didn’t discover Travel-Tot sooner! Whenever we travel, I always remember to pack electrical outlet plug covers, but temporary foam corner guards and cabinet locks would really come in handy – especially with an active toddler around! All of the safety items can be installed in about five minutes. Best of all, the packaging is compact and everything comes off quickly when you are ready to leave! Travel-Tot is ideal for your next hotel stay or even a visit to a relative’s house. We will be keeping our kit in our suitcase so we never leave home without it!

Childproofing on the Go with Travel-Tot

Images courtesy of Travel-Tot

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