A Birthday for Cow

If you are looking for a cute book for a special birthday boy or girl, then don’t miss A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas.
A Birthday for Cow
It’s Cow’s birthday and Pig and Mouse are baking the best birthday cake ever. But Duck has other ideas – all of which involve a turnip! A turnip mixed in the cake? A turnip to stir the mixture? A turnip on top of the cake? What could Duck be thinking? Well, as it turns out, Duck might just have the right idea about what Cow really wants for his birthday!
A Birthday for Cow
Little M and I love reading this book and shouting out “a turnip” every time Duck shows up with his trusty turnip. This is a seriously cute book, with a lot of silliness and cause for giggles and smiles. Best of all, the turnip turns out to be the star of the story!

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