Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

Oh, how we love London! The hubby and I have shared many stories about this exciting, vibrant city with Little M. Catch up on your armchair travel with these great children’s books about London.

Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

This is London by Miroslav Sasek
We absolutely love Sasek’s books and have recommended them many times before. This Is London is full of beautiful drawings featuring London’s historic buildings and monuments, stunning bridges, lush parks and colorful shops. Every time we read this book, we discover a new detail on the intricately illustrated pages. Little M loves learning about the Underground and the double decker buses, and the facts and information about the city are sure to appeal to kids of all ages.

Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

 A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino
From the same author who brought us A Walk in New York, comes this delightful book with dazzling illustrations. Rubbino has a gift for giving us a kid-friendly perspective to exploring new cities. We join a mother and daughter on their journey through London as they visit many popular sites.  We walk with them as they check the time on Big Ben and then wander through Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, past the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the River Thames – complete with a fold-out surprise! Along the way, we learn some interesting facts about fish and chips, St Paul’s Cathedral and of course, the rain.

Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

Pop-Up London by Jennie Maizels
When we first saw this book at a local bookstore, we were smitten. A pop-up book about London – those are two of our favorite things! Open the book to follow the River Thames and see the iconic, historic and beautiful sights of London along the way. Readers are treated to a three-dimensional view of many popular attractions including the Kew Gardens, the Olympic Village, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. The interactive format is a sure winner for even the littlest of readers.

Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

Katie in London by James Mayhew
Touring London on a lion’s back? Yes, please! Katie and her cousin Jack visit London with their grandmother and aren’t terribly impressed – until they meet a talking stone lion in Trafalgar Square who acts as their guide on a memorable tour through the city.

Our Favorite Children’s Books About London

City Walks With Kids: London: 50 Adventures on Foot, written by Emily Laurence Baker and illustrated by Steve Mack
Although this is not exactly a children’s book, if you are planning a trip to London with children, these guidebook style cards will take all of the guesswork – and stress – out of planning your time in the city. We love the City Walks With Kids series, and this set is no exception. Simply pick out a few cards depending on what part of London you would like to explore that day, toss them in your bag, and you and your little ones are on your way!


  1. Terry Matsuoka

    I love Miroslav Sasek’s illustrations. I bought a “This is San Francisco” wall calendar this year. He has books on a bunch of major cities.

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