Nighty-Night, Cooper

Nighty-Night, Cooper (by Laura Nuermoff, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger), is part bedtime story, part lilting lullaby and might just be your little one’s new favorite book before bed.

Nighty-Night, Cooper

Little M and I recently picked up Nighty-NIght, Cooper at a bookstore and we have been reading it before bed almost every night since. Cooper is a small, and adorable, kangaroo who just can’t fall asleep. He asks his mama to sing him a song and she responds with her own versions of songs set to the tunes of popular children’s songs like “Rock-a-Bye Baby” and “The Farmer in the Dell.” Mama sings lovingly to her “sweet boy” and Little M and I love reading – and singing – along.

Nighty-Night, Cooper

Cooper decides to treat his mama to a song of his own, set to the tune of “Lullaby and Good Night.” With such beautiful lyrics and soothing songs, the only question is whether Cooper or his mother will fall asleep first.

Nighty-Night, Cooper

As Cooper says, “Good night, my sweet mama. I love you.” We could read this book over and over again!

Photos courtesy of HMH Young Readers.


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