Pantone: Color Puzzles

This newest PANTONE book is sure to inspire your littlest ones to learn more about colors, puzzles and design!
Pantone: Color Puzzles
Pantone: Color Puzzles, 6 Color-Matching Puzzles (illustrated by Tad Carpenter) has quickly become one of our favorite new books. Little M pulls it out almost every day and we both enjoy matching the colors and puzzle pieces. This vibrant book features 6 puzzles, each with creative artwork in different shades of colors, like lively yellow musical instruments, a calming blue cityscape and green tropical plants and animals.
Pantone: Color Puzzles

Children are able to remove puzzle pieces from the left side and place them into the similarly shaded and shaped space on the right side. Little M and I are having a blast learning about the different colors like peacock blue and french fry yellow, while working on these inventive puzzles.

Pantone: Color Puzzles

This is a great interactive puzzle book that would appeal to everyone from toddlers to preschoolers to big kids. As Little M says, “more, more” we just can’t get enough!

Photos courtesy of Abrams.

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