Xander’s Panda Party (and a real panda birthday at the San Diego Zoo)

This adorable picture book is perfect for anyone who loves pandas – or birthday parties!

Xander's Panda Party

In Xander’s Panda Party, written by Newbery Medalist Linda Sue Park and illustrated by Matt Phelan, Xander the Panda is planning his birthday party (“a dandy whoop-de-do”). Since he is the only panda at the zoo he decides to invite all the bears! But then koala explains that she is not a bear, she’s a marsupial! Is she still invited? What’s a panda to do? Xander changes his party plans to eventually invite all creatures to his celebration, “calling all creatures to a best-of-all festival! A celebration invitation – total zoo participation!”

Xander's Panda Party

Little M and I have been reading this book over and over again! The cute and catchy text and the beautiful illustrations invite readers to settle in and learn more about all the “creatures at the zoo” and we love the surprise ending. We will give you a hint, her name is Zhu!

Xander's Panda Party

Can’t get enough of panda parties? On Saturday, September 7, 2013, the San Diego Zoo will celebrate giant panda Bai Yun’s 22nd birthday! Tune in to their live panda cam to see the celebration, including a very special panda birthday cake!

Xander's Panda Party

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