A Little Bit of Dirt

Reconnect with nature, science and art – and have fun in the process – with this appealing and inspiring book.


Life in a big city is wonderful and exciting on many levels, but I do often worry that my kids are losing touch with nature. So what can we do to instill a love of nature in our children? Asia Citro has the answer with her book, A Little Bit of Dirt: 55+ Science and Art Activities to Reconnect Children with Naturedirt2

Citro includes ideas like making mud pies, creating acrylic sunprints, making nature potions and dandelion bubbles. These activities are perfect for my little ones who are love learning about science, art and the environment.


Best of all, the projects are simple and hands on and have encouraged us to get outdoors, even in winter (!) and reconnect with nature in our neighborhood. Here’s one of our favorite activities, from Citro’s website, for wire wrapped rocks.


If you love these ideas, be sure to check out Citro’s other wonderful book, The Curious Kids’ Science Book.

Images from Fun at Home with Kids




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