How to Make Fruit Ice

Summer is right around the corner and the weather is already heating up. Encourage your little ones to reach for water, instead of other unhealthy drinks, by keeping your freezer stocked with fruit ice. You’ve never heard of fruit ice? Well, here is a quick and easy overview – it’s a great project to do with the kids. Best of all, they can pop a few of these into their water whenever they want a fruity (and healthy) drink!

How to Make Fruit Ice

This is a really simple project, you can use any fruit that you have at home. You just need:

How to Make Fruit Ice

We made a few different flavors: watermelon ice (pureed watermelon, some with mint), lemon and mint ice (fresh squeezed lemon with piece of mint) and berry ice (mixed berries).

How to Make Fruit Ice

You can either mash the berries or puree them, depending on the textures that your little ones like. Don’t feel restricted by these flavors, you can use whatever you have on hand or be creative with fruits like mango, kiwi and oranges.

How to Make Fruit Ice

We used these great alphabet molds, they are such fun for kids. Little M loves spelling his name with the ice and it’s a cute way for kids to practice their letters on a daily basis. Little M adds “fruit ice letters” to his water every day and I add love adding them to my sparkling water and lemonade for a refreshing treat.

How to Make Fruit Ice

We are going to mix berries and mango with coconut milk next time – those should be fun to mix into a glass of milk!

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