Puzzle Play for Children

I am sure that many of us are still sorting through all the new toys our little ones collected over the holidays – and trying to find room to store them all! Little M got a few new puzzles recently and we have been enjoying playing with them and piecing them together. Puzzles are wonderful for children’s development, fine and gross motor skills, and have even been proven to improve spatial and math-related skills.

When kids are very young, it sometimes feels like you are spending more time working on the puzzles than they are! However, we have noticed that when we take the time to get Little M interested in the puzzles he really becomes involved in the process. What an easy and fun way to help your children learn while playing. Here are some of our favorite puzzles, with options for every age range.

Puzzle Play for Children

This On The Go Knob Puzzle from Hape has chunky pieces and knobs, which make it ideal for small hands.

Puzzle Play for Children

Beleduc’s Car Layer Puzzle is a wonderful and simple beginners puzzle. The five pieces layer from small to large and are easy for toddlers to manipulate.

Puzzle Play for Children

Mudpuppy’s Puzzle Wheels are wonderful for little ones because the six extra thick  pieces fit into a central hub, which makes it so simple for young toddlers. We have the Under The Sea version but this Construction Puzzle would be a sure winner too.

Puzzle Play for Children
Melissa and Doug offers so many great puzzles for children. We have some of their floor puzzles, which are really large and easy to piece together. The wooden jigsaw puzzles are great for toddlers who are ready for puzzles with more pieces. The sound puzzles and magnetic puzzles are also very popular choices and a nice way to help kids develop an interest in the games.

Puzzle Play for Children

And with one of our favorite puzzles from Orange Tree Toys, kids can learn the alphabet while building a crocodile with this colorful and sturdy Alphabet Crocodile Puzzle.

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