Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special little someone, we’ve got you covered with our eco-friendly holiday gift guide!

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your kiddo who can’t get enough of cars, trucks and things that go:
We just got this new Green Toys tractor and Little M loves taking it into the sand, dirt, bathtub – you name it! It’s compact enough to take along on your adventures and we love filling it up with small toys, leaves or stones or pretending to be farmers and transporting our organic fruits and veggies home for dinner.

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your little one who loves to make believe:
Everyone knows that pretend play is even more fun when face paint is involved. But with all the toxic chemicals in traditional kids face paint, what’s a parent to do? Check out The Veggie Kidz‘ amazing, natural cosmetics made of high quality butters, oils and pigments. Carly Cabbage (blue and purple) and Savannah Squash (orange) are just some of the fun names and colors. Add one of these costumes from Sarah’s Silks for the complete package.

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your littlest one, who smiles and coos at pretty much everything you do:
This  Fruit Tote from Under The Nile is sure to make any baby giggle with delight. The banana, grape and watermelon are made from 100 percent organic Egyptian Cotton and are soft and cuddly.

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your puzzle loving preschooler:
Puzzles are such a great gift for kids, they encourage abstract thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and logical thinking. We are big fans of Mudpuppy’s puzzles. and their puzzle wheels are a terrific introduction to puzzles for young children. We are definitely going to get their World Map puzzle when Little M is older. BeginAgain  has wonderful wooden puzzles, like this Animal Parade A to Z puzzle.

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your Picasso in training:
We love everything from Wee Can Too Art. Little M uses one of their art supplies, whether it is chalk, paint or crayons, almost every day. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that everything is all natural and made from fruit and vegetable powders, plus plant-based ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift GuideFor your tiny beach bunnies:
Protect those cute little peepers with these awesome Babiators sunglasses that are BPA and phthalate free. We have them in black and they are a life-saver (and make Little M just a bit less interested in our sunglasses).  

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift GuideEco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your little sous chef:
Little M and I love making crackers and cookies together. For an extra special treat, these 3D stainless steel cookies cutters would make the coolest cookies – and are the perfect indoor project for a cold or rainy winter day!

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

For your tiny tot who could spend the entire day at the zoo:
This Animals of the World Wooden Magnetic Shape Set is perfect for introducing kids to  animals from near and far. The set includes a kangaroo, flamingo, koala, crocodile, giraffe, ostrich, raccoon, and elephant. Arrange them on the fridge and spend time discussing each animal as you go. Pair this with Good Night Gorilla, one of our favorite books, and you are sure to please your little animal lover.

Dining out for the Holidays - Our Family Celebration at Four Seasons Los Angeles

For your dinosaur crazy kiddo:
This latest installation in the Larry series, Larry Gets Lost in Prehistoric Times, is the first in a new Larry Gets Lost series that takes Larry through adventures back through time. Larry falls asleep while Pete reads to him about dinosaurs, and he wakes up in the pre-historic era surrounded by dinosaurs! Little M and I love looking at the pictures of all the dinosaurs and learning their names and interesting facts about creatures from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Wooly Mammoth.

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