Kidding Around with Hape Toys

Hape Toys’ magnetic playboard set provides hours of fun.


Are you still searching for the perfect holiday present for your little ones? Something that will be a surefire hit, will keep them entertained for hours (while you enjoy some egg nog and much deserved peace and quiet) and is eco-friendly to boot? Hape Toys may have just what you are looking for with their magnetic animals and magnetic vehicles sets.


This fun game, part of Hape’s bamboo toy collection, comes with a cute magnetic board complete with carrying handle and lots of small colorful magnetic shapes. I recently got the magnetic animals set for Little M and let’s just say he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed playing with it. We spent a happy afternoon taking all the shapes out, examining them and then placing them on the board to create everything from birds to giraffes to elephants! The pieces are definitely small, so this is better for slightly older children.


I love that there are so many different color and design possibilities with this game. It seems ideal for encouraging kids to use their imagination and would be a great boredom buster – perfect for those times when you feel like a meltdown is just around the corner. Bonus: If you are planning to travel this holiday season, this would also work really well as a travel toy!


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