Luxe for the little ones

I love travel guides. I buy them for every new city I visit and seem to have collected quite a lot of them over time. While traditional guide books are indispensable, sometimes I just want one that is compact, concise and filled with great insider suggestions, which is why I have long been a fan of Luxe City Guides. Still, traveling with kiddos brings a whole new set of challenges and requirements. My list of questions is probably similar to most parents’: do the restaurants have high-chairs? Do the hotels provide cribs? Can we rent car seats? Where’s the nearest grocery store/park/kid-friendly museum?

So you can imagine how overjoyed I was to discover Little Luxe, the answer to the travel guide for the modern, discerning traveler who now has little ones in tow. I got my hands on a few of these guides recently and they don’t disappoint. The guides were designed in partnership with LittleStepsAsia and they are small (perfect to fit into my overflowing diaper bag), snappy, stylish and packed with suggestions for family-friendly, yet still luxurious, hotels, restaurants, shopping and activities. I adore feeling like an in-the-know local when I travel, so I love their insider tips such as finding doctors who make house calls in Hong Kong, plane-side VIP pickup in Bali, and ice cream making classes in Singapore. After reading these guides, I feel inspired to pack our bags and catch the next flight out. Little M seems on board with the idea (I think telling him about the elephant safari in Bali had something to do with that). The guides are only available for Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore right now, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for more cities soon!

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