Robotics Toys for Kids

It’s National Robotics Week! Here are some of our top robotics toy picks that are sure to entertain your little inventors.


littleBits makes it easy for every kid to be an inventor. The littleBits building blocks are color-coded circuit components that are easy to attach to each other to create things like a moving collage, or even combine with household items like carrots to create a computer game control pad. The Rule Your Room Kit is a great starter set.


Teach kids how much fun coding can be with the Sphero 2.0 robotic ball. The ball can race around the room, glow, speed up and down ramps (that your little engineers can build and shape) and is a good way to introduce kids to programming.


Who says the big kids get to have all the fun? Young children can learn the basics of coding with the Code-A-Pillar. The segments are easy to connect, and they each provide a different instruction which tells the Code-A-Pillar to move forward, dance, make music or stop.


If you have a budding inventor at home, chances are Technology Will Save Us has a Kit that will suit any mood. The company creates electronics kits that allow to really build and create in a hands on way. The products range from the DIY electro Dough Kit, to building a portable speaker and even a DIY gamer kit.


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