Have You Seen My Dragon?

Join us as we find the dragon and monster in two of our favorite new books!

Have You Seen My Dragon?

Ever since Little M and I discovered Have You Seen My Dragon and Have You Seen My Monster, both by Steve Light, we quickly added the titles to our list of favorite books.

Have You Seen My Dragon?

We first came across Have You Seen My Dragon and we love searching for the dragon as he travels uptown, downtown and across town in cabs, buses, boats and subways. Little M counts the monuments, sights and icons along the way – this beautiful picture book doubles as a counting book and illustrates the dragon’s adventures in gorgeous black and white with bright splashes of color mixed in.

Have You Seen My Dragon?

Imagine our delight when we discovered Have You Seen My Monster in our local bookstore. Little M loves searching for the adorable monster at the county fair and exploring shapes along the way. The author includes twenty shapes such as trapezoids, ellipses and quatrefoils, as well as more basic shapes like squares, circles and triangles. Kids learn about shapes while looking for the furry creature.! Is the monster riding the ferris wheel? Judging the pies? Marching in a parade?

Have You Seen My Dragon?

These two books are always a hit, and fun for younger kids who are just learning to identify shapes and numbers as well as older children, who are sure to appreciate the beautiful illustrations.

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