Gobble n Go: Snack Away!

Snacks may be a guilty indulgence for most of us, but for toddlers and kids, healthy snacks are an essential part of their daily diet. Little M eats pretty much every couple of hours. It helps to stave off the crankiness and keeps his little engine going so he can keep running – and bouncing and jumping and climbing! As I have mentioned before, we are on the go a lot. We often walk around our neighborhood or spend time playing outdoors, which is a wonderful activity, but makes it hard to plan ahead with snacks. Ever try feeding a toddler in a stroller, car seat or on a park bench? Chances are the food will end up everywhere but in your kid’s mouth! I had almost given up hope of Little M snacking without the spills until I stumbled upon Gobble n Go, a wonderful eco-friendly stainless steel snack cup from Eco Vessel.

We have the Gobble n Go snack cup in Hudson Blue and we use it a lot (as you can see in the picture below). I love that it is made of stainless steel and is sturdy enough to handle the usual toddler wear and tear. It has been thrown, banged around and dropped and it is still in perfect shape! The handles on either side make it easy for Little M to hold and the silicone lid is perfect for allowing his little fingers to get in, while still secure enough to keep the snacks from falling out when he turns the cup upside down. To be clear, this cup is not completely spill proof – a truly determined toddler could probably figure out a way to get those snacks all over the floor – but Little M has only managed to shake out a few at the most. One of my favorite features is that the cup is multi-purpose – we remove the lid and use the cup as a bowl for things like pasta, soup, cereal and milk, maybe we’ll even do ice cream someday – the possibilities are endless. You can find the Gobble n Go here.

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