Travel with a toddler

People often ask me if I travel much anymore. Sadly, I take far fewer trips these days than I used to. But we do still travel quite a bit with Little M. Yes, it is possible to have an enjoyable vacation when traveling with a little one. It just requires a lot of planning – and so much stuff! I was once a very streamlined traveler; tiny carry-on with laptop? Check. Shawl in case it gets cold? Check. Important documents in handbag? Got it. But now I feel more like I am carrying our entire home with us when we travel. Diapers and wipes? Check. Extra change of clothing (for all of us)? Check. Snacks and water bottles and toys (like the adorable plane below) and books? Yup. Extras of everything just in case? Got those too. I don’t mind though, at least it means we can still travel and not have to worry about running out of anything on the road (or plane or train). I will be featuring various family-friendly travel destinations, with a special emphasis on hotels that offer amenities for kids, stellar restaurants and enough activities to keep us parents happy. I hope it will help you when planning your next trip with your little ones, either as an idea for a destination or just as inspiration to pack a suitcase (or two) and explore the world as a family. Hape toy airplane

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